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Live Scouting Data Aggregator: Your One-Stop Data Hub

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Lusine Manucharyan

In the rapidly growing world of iGaming, where precision and speed are super essential, the concept of aggregation has become a crucial aspect, reshaping how operators interact with diverse content providers. At the forefront of this shift is FeedConstruct's Live Scouting Data Aggregator – a pioneering solution designed to promote the utilization of live scouting data for both providers and buyers. 
In this blog post, we delve into the depths of the Live Scouting Data Aggregator, exploring its significance in the sports industry, and understanding why it is the go-to solution for both data providers and buyers.

Understanding Aggregation in iGaming

In iGaming, aggregation stands as a key concept, streamlining the way operators connect with various content providers. It's like a bridge that allows gaming platforms to access a diverse range of content seamlessly, without the hassle of setting up each one individually. This innovation is a strategic move that empowers operators to enrich their content portfolios effortlessly.

For providers, this gives the opportunity to distribute data in one big hub. For buyers, it means having access to a broader spectrum of data without the complexities of managing multiple
integrations, thus losing extra time and resources.

FeedConstruct’s Aggregator

FeedConstruct's Aggregator is a game-changing concept, reflecting a commitment to efficiency, simplicity, and a progressive vision that transforms the landscape of iGaming. The company has continually aimed to bridge the gap between sports and entertainment businesses, offering cutting-edge solutions that advance the experiences of both. Now, bringing its Live Scouting Data Aggregator to the field, FeedConstruct bridges the gap between iGaming Providers and Operators.

This pioneering solution is designed to maximize the potential of live scouting data for both providers and buyers. FeedConstruct has created a one-stop hub that revolutionizes the way sports data is accessed, distributed, and monetized. Instead of dealing with complex integrations for each provider, aggregation provides a unified solution, boosting the betting experience by giving operators the flexibility to diversify their content offerings.

Why use Live Scouting Data Aggregator?

Live Scouting Data Aggregator for Providers

Unified Data Distribution Mechanism: FeedConstruct's Live Scouting Data platform offers providers a unified data distribution mechanism, simplifying the complex process of disseminating live scouting data.

Booking Options: Providers can benefit from booking options, making it easier to manage and distribute data effectively.

Smart and Easy Monetization Opportunities: In addition to the data distribution mechanism and booking options, providers can also benefit from smart and easy monetization opportunities. By bringing their data to FeedConstruct's Live Scouting Data platform, providers can unlock new revenue streams.


Live Scouting Data Aggregator for Buyers

Access to Live and Fast Data from Various Sources: Buyers can gain access to a wealth of live scouting data from different sources, ensuring a broad and diverse pool of information. 

Unique Calendar Integration: The platform also offers a unique calendar feature. The calendar provides insights into upcoming events, helping buyers stay ahead of the game.

Simplified One-Time Integration Process: One of the key advantages for buyers is the simplified one-time integration process. Instead of dealing with multiple integrations, buyers can seamlessly integrate once, to save.


Live Scouting Data at a Glance

Whether a buyer or a provider, the platform adapts to fit the specific business model and the value of the data. This adaptability ensures that users have control over how they utilize the platform, tailoring it to meet their individual needs.

Tailoring Terms and Conditions, Flexible Pricing Models: FeedConstruct understands that every business is unique. The platform allows users to tailor terms and conditions, offering flexibility in pricing models. This customization ensures that the platform aligns seamlessly with diverse business models and strategies.


In conclusion, FeedConstruct's Live Scouting Data Aggregator emerges as a transformative force in the iGaming landscape, providing a unified and efficient solution for both data providers and buyers. By simplifying the complex process of live scouting data distribution, offering smart monetization opportunities for providers, and ensuring access to diverse, fast data for buyers, the platform stands as a one-stop hub that enhances the betting experience. Its adaptability, tailoring options, and flexible pricing models showcase a commitment to meeting the unique needs of every user, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the world of iGaming.

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