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Who is FeedConstruct

FeedConstruct provides real-time data and digital content for the most popular sporting events around the world. We have seamlessly integrated four key products into a single comprehensive platform, making access to high-quality live streams, odds feed, statistics and scouting data simpler and easier than ever. FeedConstruct pioneers digital content collecting and delivery by creating AI & ML powered products like AJNA.


As FeedConstruct is a 4-in-1 solution, here you can find our 4 products which will enhance your sports experience.

Enhanced Product

The products that have an edge over competition and the industry

Content Owner

Federations, leagues, sport event organizers and exclusive right owners


Through our friendly and rich platform, content owners can upload their sport content to the platform, decide its price and stream it globally. Our platform connects content owners with content consumers.


Content Consumer

Operators and streamers

Whoever has an audience of sport enthusiasts can connect to our platform and get their preferred sport content directly from the content owner. All that you need to do is contact us.


Content Provider Partners

Trusted Operators

Brand Assets

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