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FeedConstruct provides real-time data and digital content for the most popular sporting events around the world. We have seamlessly integrated four key products into a single comprehensive platform, making access to high-quality live streams, odds feed, statistics and scouting data simpler and easier than ever.

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A complete 4-in-1 platform for an unrivalled player experience

The higher goes your player’s stake, the bigger are gaming margins and profit! FeedConstruct offers the best odds delivered by our professional traders for your business to benefit from our efficient and cost effective global odds.

To set your odds faster, use a key advantage - Live Scouting Data Service. With the accurate stats of our scouts and secure high-speed communication, the traders track the events of the match as if they see the actions in person!

Help your audience to increase their confidence through gaming data and stay engaged!  With Statistics, you will be able to provide complete historical and near live match data ranging from competitions and matches to individual player data.

Live sports streaming is an excellent solution for operators willing to achieve higher levels of engagement. To retain players and attract new ones, offer your audience extended betting opportunities accompanied with live streamed videos.

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