Say goodbye to complicated integrations and hello to a one-stop odds hub for you. OddsPro Aggregator simplifies your sportsbook setup with one API integration that connects you to multiple odds sources.

Why OddsPro?

A single entry point to a wide array of odds providers

One easy integration that saves time and effort

Adaptable and scalable options that expand with your business needs

OddsPro at a Glance

Single Integration

Access an extensive range of odds from various providers through one streamlined API

Time and Effort Savings

Forget the hassle of individual provider integrations, we've simplified the process

Comprehensive Coverage

A vast selection of odds from top providers at your fingertips

Tailored Customization

Personalize your offerings to match your unique business needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers here!

How does it work for Pre-match?

For pre-match, you can combine multiple sources and by assigning them weights determine their respective levels of participation in the feed creation process.

How does it work for Live?

For live, you can only have one preferred provider’s odds feed, and you gain the ability to customize templates. This allows you to define a provider that works specifically for the chosen sport and competition. This flexibility enables you to tailor the information you receive during live events, ensuring that it aligns with your preferences and requirements.

What if I want to have an additional source for live matches in a specific sport or competition?

You can create a template for that particular sport or competition and set your desired provider’s feed as the main one.