Live Sports Video Streaming

FeedConstruct’s live video streaming allows both players and bookmakers to enjoy sporting events. With exclusive content and video rights, FeedConstruct offers a wide range of sports, leagues and federations to choose from.


Live video events streamed per year


Exclusive eSports live events covered per year


Sports and eSports

Live Video Streaming Coverage


🎥 18.000 + Live Video streams


🎥 18.000 + Live Video streams


🎮 108.000 eSport videos

Worldwide and on All Devices

FeedConstruct implemented a cross platform solution which allows usage on all possible media devices such as TV, PC, mobile, tablet etc. Covering sporting events in multiple countries, Live Sports Video Streaming comes in HD and perfectly scheduled to entertain your players, as an addition to major sporting events.

Personalized Video Streaming

Live Sports Video Streaming service can also be offered to players as a Video on Demand option. This allows them to catch-up on the event of their choice or watch particular plays or sections of a game.

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