Professional deep data collection tool for sport organizations

DeePro is created to be a best match for requirements of Basketball Federations, leagues, clubs and other sports organizations, aimed to collect accurate and detailed live data. It allows to easily collect per player in depth data for Basketball matches, which will be analyzed directly after impute and used for internal and external purposes

Sports Data Collected by DeePro

• Match related data (venue location, number of audience, referees, etc.)

• Timing related data (Match start/end, quarter start/end, etc.) 

• Full live data per team and for each player

• Classification of shots including rebounds

• Coordinates of shots and missed 

Additional data can be added by request

How Does DeePro Data Visualization Work?

Play By Play

This is the first and general chart of the detailed data which is connected with the timing (by seconds) of the match


Exact figures for each team and per-player by minutes, points, rebounds, opportunity to sort players for each category. You can easily look how many points, free throws, rebounds player scored and the way he did it

Game Tracker

Fully illustrated information considering every player by percentages per quarter and visualization of the coordinates and performance analysis

Summary Players

In this section DeePro visualized the accurate data sorted by players of each team showing figures such as points, assists, blocks, rebounds, turnovers, etc. 

Points Chart

Graph developed for showing score difference between teams during the match by minutes and per quarter. Any of the data visualization sections can be customized based on the requirements and specific needs of our customers

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