Take control of your betting operations with BetGuard. Crafted to unite our rich Odds Feed with an advanced Risk Management Service, BetGuard will ensure your operations are both secure and flexible.

Why BetGuard?

Risk Management Service

Secure your business with enhanced Risk Management Service

Odds Data Provision

Get the full scope of Pre-match and Live Odds Data

Real-Time Care

With constant bet monitoring, never miss a market beat

BetGuard at a Glance

Performance Analytics

Access constant analysis for informed decision-making

Player Insights

Get player risk profiling to sharpen your strategy

Liability Management

Stay ahead with sportsbook liability and limit management

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BetGuard Packages

Select the perfect pricing option to match your requirements

+ revenue share

€ 30.000

Starting from


''Dedicated Package'' is given in addition to the ''Basic Package''

€ 20.000

100.001+ active players

€ 14.000

20.001 - 100.000 active players

€ 9.000

10.001 - 20.000 active players

€ 7.000

0 - 10.000 active players


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers here!

What is Betguard? What problems will using it solve?

BetGuard is a combination of Odds Feed and Risk Management service. In addition to Odds Feed data, this solution provides sportsbook limitation and liability system, real-time bet monitoring, market analysis, margin evaluation and management, as well as players’ categorization.

How does Betguard detect unusual betting patterns and potentially fraudulent activities in real-time?

This is done through real-time bet monitoring, which assumes the monitoring and evaluation of all placed bets in real time. It allows the detection of suspicious and fixed matches and activities; distinguishes late bettors, arbitrage bettors, and those who play with the help of bots; qualifies them accordingly and thus reduces the risks of losses; ensures higher revenue by defining those players whose limits should be raised, etc.

How easy is it to integrate BetGuard into our existing sports betting platform?

First of all the partner should integrate the Odds Feed (at least one sport) to be able to integrate and start sending bets to our backend. When the Odds Feed is integrated, the remaining can be integrated in 7-10 days.