FeedConstruct's OTT platform lets you launch a sports streaming service with ease. With FeedConstruct’s OTT, you don't just get a platform, we handle the setup, and you get it fully skinned, ready to broadcast to your fans. Simple, fast, and tailored to your brand.

Why Our OTT?

Our OTT promises a new level of engagement. The platform is tailored to transform how fans consume sports streams, offering a rich, interactive experience that brings them closer to the action than ever before. With it, you can widen your audience and turn every video into a chance to earn more.

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OTT at a Glance

Live & On-Demand

Stream matches live or on-demand anytime

Flexible Catch-Ups

Easy replay options for fans

TV/Mobile Apps

iOS and Android OS, smart TV apps for Apple TV, Android OS, Tizen OS and WebOS

Monetization Flexibility

Pick a strategy to make money


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What benefits does the OTT platform offer?

Our OTT platform provides seamless integration with betting websites, like our partnership with Vbet. am-FastTV. am, offers advertising opportunities directly within apps, delivers ads through streaming for greater impact, enables revenue generation opportunities through user engagement with the content, etc.

What are the main features of your OTT platform?

Our OTT platform supports streaming, audio, and video-on-demand content (VOD). It features multi-channel broadcasting, customizable catch-ups, easy-to-use EPGs, and event calendars. It supports 50+ simultaneous live streams and multiple device access. Our platform includes a powerful CMS for content management, flexible subscription models, diverse payment options for monetization, and brand-specific design customization. Additionally, we offer native mobile and Smart TV apps as an additional service.

What sales packages does your OTT platform offer?

Our OTT platform offers a Basic package that includes a branded website, SVOD monetization model, CMS tools (e.g. Administrative Tool, CRM tool, and Scheduler). Optional features available are a custom-designed website, mobile and Smart TV apps, Metaverse rooms, an SOS HUB with 24/7 support in 12+ languages, over 300 payment options, and Media Production and Content Acquisition services.