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Explore Statistics center through new widget system, and change the way that sport data is presented on your website


FeedConstruct presents a brand new statistics widget system to change the way sports data is presented on your website. It is designed to highlight a specific part of our statistics such as certain matches, players, leagues, etc. on various types of websites to engage more visitors. Not only betting operators can benefit from our widget system but also sports media providers, sport federations, fan pages, and more.

Key features


6+ widget types (daily matches, match deep statistics, team statistics, etc.)

Add sport widgets to your website in a few clicks

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No additional development is needed

Make your webpage more attractive and informative

Full responsive view

Use separate or combine different views

Daily matches

With Daily Matches Widget you can provide data of different match results, upcoming and live matches. It delivers data from matches in over 130 regions and over 2,400 competitions including 700+ soccer tournaments. 


Timeline widget is designed to display key events chronology of a match. It provides more detailed info of players positions and key events during a single match such as goal, substitution, yellow/red cards, etc.


Stats widget can be used to show comprehensive statistical information of the match including goals, shots on/off target, goalkeeper saves, penalties, red/yellow cards, corner kicks and much more. 

Line ups

Line up widget can showcase the confirmed player list of two specified teams divided into two parts: starting line up and substitutions. It also includes the coach name of each team.


Head-to-head widget provides comparison of two specified teams that includes previous match results, performance, number of played, win, loss and draw matches, conceded and scored goal per each team.


Standings widget is mainly focused on the current standing of various competitions, showing both home and away tables with team rankings including the number of played games, conceded/scored goals and total points.

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