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The power of over 300 professional traders behind a robust and responsive  odds feed system.


Live matches every month across a huge number of sport types


Pre-match sporting events around the world

2000 +

Across different event types


120 +

Sports including virtual sports, eSports, Cyber Sports and TV shows

Inconceivable Accession

From the depth of our bookmaking expertise, FeedConstruct offers you speedy and responsive data, gathered by 300+ traders through our Match Reporters Network, TV and Live Video Streaming in ​22+ languages. Partners can access Odds Feed as part of our 4 in 1 solution or utilise it as an independent product that can easily be integrated into an existing platform.

Streamline and Support

For our Odds Feed Service we guarantee high frequency of odds update, fixture checks and change alerts. Feedcoonstruct also provides 24/7 technical and trading support apted for your business to run smoothly and effortlessly as well as information on dangerous matches. 

Conduction and Boarding

To facilitate the control over the selection of sports and competitions in your feed, we provide odds management tool designed specifically to include separate configurations for Live and Pre-Match events, as well as comprehensive reporting. The configurable options include margin settings, minimum/maximum odds values, and a facility to configure market, match and competition

Investigating the depths of Odds Feed impressive scope!

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