FeedConstruct’s new scouting app to cover Tennis

FeedConstruct’s new scouting app to cover Tennis

Real-time data is one of the most demanded commodities in sports. For that reason FeedConstruct expands its Live Scouting Data by developing an applications ensign for the live tracking of Tennis, the 13th sport type added to the product scope.


Live data gathered by scouts is a starting point to calculate competitive odds. The highly-trained scouts of FeedConstruct will now cover local tennis matches providing data from Armenia, Poland and Czekh Republic soon every month and an access to match scores, statistics, starting times and all important inside-match events.


FeedConstruct’s extensive coverage comes from 75+ countries with the help of 2,000 scouts. Speed, coupled with accuracy, is a crucial factor in this sector to deliver, for example, in-play bets on the on-going events of the match. In order to guarantee the quality of both, FeedConstruct backs its scouting service with in-house technologies that allow for fast data delivery via the mobile app of the scout and further data conversion into odds and statistics. 


Along with speed and quality, coverage is what determines the success of a live data feed. FeedConstruct will keep on adding new sport types to its product and improving the performance of the current offering to ultimately deliver the best results and experience to its partners.