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Statistics provides an access to comprehensive and sophisticated information based on complete historical and near live data. We provide a variety of rich sporting data for players to easily navigate through via user-friendly view types. Statistics is available as an HTML solution, as well as XML and JSON feeds.

1. Create an account

Create an account. If you already have one, sign in.
Create an account or sign in

2. Enable Statistics

Go to products section in SpringBME console and enable Statistics product for your operation.
How to enable statistics

3. Set up Statistic 

After enabling statistics for your operation go to Setup section. Specify preferred settings and colors to reflect your brand identity.
How to set up statistics

4. Get the URL

After proceeding with all mentioned above steps, save your changes and refresh the page to get the Statistics URL for your operation (*if you have already activated your sportsbook, statistics will be automatically added to your website), or download the API.
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