Realtime sport tracking: Ajna

This is a highly accurate, real-time video analysis tool with a zero operator’s assistance for in-game events extraction object tracking and situation reconstruction. 
It can be widely used to develop statistical information for tactical analysis for teams and coaches, for creating and adding further information to live broadcasts. The product can also help collect individual statistics and create additional features in iGaming. 

AJNA could be applied in professional sports and iGaming for advanced game analysis, media prediction and analysis, sports performance and tactical analysis, transfers analysis and forecasts, data collection for professional football organisations. It also can be used for developing sports applications. 

Challenges we have faced in development: 

- panoramic 8K video with small objects processing 
- accuracy in real-time 
- short period for R&D (including hardware) 
- operator avoidance 
- compact solution for hardware video

AJNA in numbers


games were recorded with our



different stadiums were 



hours of videos were tested

 with our system


neural networks are used in

 current pipeline

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