Real-time powerful on-field observation

What’s AJNA

A camera that sees, remembers, analysis and reports at a speed which no man can even come close to, powered with AI/ML software. AJNA revolutionizes sports data collection and distribution.

AJNA’s Features

Real-time gameflow recognition

Auto field geometry detection from video

Extended personal tracking (player’s speed, distance run per game, etc.)

Smart operator mode with added augmentation and scenario set - auto PTZ

Player and ball bounding tracking for interactive analytics

Supported sports: Soccer / in progress: basketball and volleyball



Basic live statistics

Advanced post game statistics

Player and team paramers

Video Streaming

Configurable zero-

operator mode, resolution

RTMP protocol

Semantic Models

Semantic models can be delivered to any remote consumer - camera, smartphone, cloud

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AJNA enriches video streaming with additional augmentation to provide such data as ball speed, player action forecast, advanced position analyses etc. Analyzing the game, our solution for advanced observations delivers more accurate and detailed statistics than ever.

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