A real-time powerful on-field observation

  • Real-time gameflow recognition

  • Auto field geometry detection from video

  • Extended personal tracking 
    (player’s speed, distance run per game, etc.) 

  • Smart operator mode with added augmentation and scenario set - auto PTZ

  • Player and ball bounding tracking for interactive analytics 

FeedConstruct was contemplating the ways of providing sporting data in a more efficient and accurate way. The company came up with AJNA, a tracking solution enhanced with AI/ML that operates as a live scouting tool.

Translated as a third eye, it is an augmented live video streaming which recognizes gameflow of the sporting events, providing advanced player tracking in live mode and collecting more technical data to create new unique markets to bet on. 

AJNA enriches video streaming with additional augmentation to provide such data as ball speed, player action forecast, advanced position analyses etc. Analyzing the game, our solution for advanced observations delivers more accurate and detailed statistics than ever.

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